KOPSCHINA removes deposits and impurities of all kinds from your plants, heat exchangers, containers or columns using the proven rinsing technology. Should maintenance, repair or welding operations be necessary following cleaning, gaseous pollutants must also be removed from the system. This is a prerequisite for an inspection and the free access to the plant sections without respiratory protection!

In such cases, the KOPSCHINA decontamination is the right choice. Also when it comes to decontamination, we rely on our special rinsing technology. Instead of a cleaning additive we use a decontamination product, though. This decontamination product circulates through your plant and removes pollutants such as volatile hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphides and benzene. In this way, we also can contain the risk of a spontaneous ignition caused by pyrophobe iron sulphide – for a safe access to your plant!