The surfaces of workpieces and plant components are covered by a film of fats and waxes either as a consequence of production conditions or for the purpose of corrosion protection. These fats prevent varnishes and other substances from sticking to the surfaces. In addition, they minimise the efficiency of cleaning additives or acids. Prior to machining or surface treatment, it is imperative that your components are degreased!

Depending on the type of your workpieces and components, KOPSCHINA can offer you the most suitable degreasing method. For the degreasing of entire plants, our experienced personnel will be pleased to visit you bringing along our special pump equipment. They will connect this equipment with your plant thus creating a circuit for the circulation of degreasing agent that meets your requirements. This procedure will last until the film of fats is completely removed from the material surface. For degreasing smaller plant components, we have various cleaning systems at our disposal in our works in Marl: Depending on the size and the design of the parts to be degreased, we use our belt or rotation degreasing machines. Inside these machines your workpieces will be sprayed with a degreasing solution that removes fats and waxes from the surfaces reliably. KOPSCHINA will be pleased to collect the components or workpieces to be degreased at your site and return them to you after degreasing.