Internal pipe cleaning


During operation of your plant, tiny particles are permanently deposited at the inner walls of the pipe. In many cases, such contamination lead to blocked pipes or – in extreme cases – pipes could even burst. Longdown times of the entire plant are the consequence. The cleaning of pipes by KOPSCHINA at regular intervals, will counteract this risk.

Our experienced service technicians will check the type of contamination at your premises and get a picture of the size and condition of the plant and the pipes so that they can select the suitable cleaning equipment for the respective task. We have stainless steel brushes, brass, copper and nylon brushes or cleaning elements made of synthetic material at our disposal. The cleaning brushes will be inserted into the pipes just like a giant bottle brush where they remove deposits and other residues mechanically and with the help of a water jet. KOPSCHINA’s internal pipe cleaning is effective and protects the material. It is also ideally suited for soft materials that cannot be cleaned using common chemicals or high water pressure.