Bath Pickling

Bath pickling is the most simple and most effective method of pickling stainless steel. This method is particularly suitable for workpieces that must be pickled entirely. For such applications, KOPSCHINA has its own immersion basins in various sizes. The workpieces to be pickled are immerged into a pickling bath at a specifically determined temperature. The warmth accelerates the pickling process and the pickling chemical removes impurities such as scale or welding oxides from the workpiece surface. The duration of the process depends on the material: the better the quality of the alloy, the longer the duration of the pickling process. Following the immersion bath, we remove the residues of the pickling medium and the released contamination particles using highly pressurised water. Prior to bath pickling, heavily scaled welded joints are treated with a special pickling paste in order to reduce the duration of the pickling process and to protect the surface.