On-Site Pickling

Plants, apparatuses and pipe systems that have already been installed as well as oversized workpieces must be pickled, too. In such cases, we at KOPSCHINA are always prepared to assist you at your site. After a thorough inspection of the objects to be pickled we will determine the most appropriate process for your particular case: whether spray pickling or circulation pickling – with our mobile pickling equipment we can treat surfaces also at your site without any problems. The only prerequisite is an ambient temperature of at least 5°C to ensure chemical processes during pickling are not disturbed. If temperatures are lower than that, KOPSCHINA can place heat exchanger modules at your disposal which ensure the sufficient temperature control and thus a successful pickling result. At your request, we will also take care of the disposal of waste water resulting from the pickling process – naturally in compliance with all relevant provisions regarding environment protection.