Spray Pickling

For workpieces which are not suitable for bath pickling KOPSCHINA proposes the spray pickling technique. This method is ideal for instance for oversized parts or workpieces made of steel or aluminium. In our works in Marl, we have a 20 x 40 metre heated hall where experienced KOPSCHINA cleaning experts carry out the spray pickling applications. During the spray pickling process, the pickling medium – a gel-like pickling paste – is applied to the workpiece surface using a low pressure sprayer at between 3 and 6 bar. An additional indicator provides for an even application. Following the soaking time or the colour change of the indicator, respectively, the pickling process will be interrupted. For this purpose, we remove the pickling paste and the released contamination particles using highly pressurised water. That process will then be repeated until the pickling result is perfect. With the spray pickling method and thanks to our expert staff, we achieve a homogeneous pickling image that does not need to hide behind the bath pickling results. We can process workpieces using the spray pickling method both in our works or at your company site.