Tank Cleaning


In the course of time, impurities and deposits will form in your tank, that can accumulate on the bottom of the tank as an aggressive mixture. This will not only lead to the reduction of the usable volume but often also to corrosion and material failure. When it comes to the cleaning of dirty tanks, we at KOPSCHINA can fall back on different methods: When we choose the circulation method, we connect our selected pump equipment with the tank system to be cleaned. Following the successful leak test, a cleaning solution that will specially be adapted to the respective requirements will circulate through the system and remove existing impurities and deposits. Finally, we will rinse out your tank system using clear water in order to flush out the so detached impurities. Alternatively, it would be possible to filter or decant the cleaning solution using the KOPSCHINA equipment. In the case of tanks having a diameter of up to 15 metres, we at KOPSCHINA use the rotary spray head: The spray head is positioned at the end of a long pipe with the help of which it is put into the tank. The head itself is equipped with numerous rotating nozzles that will spray a cleaning solution inside the tank. There are various possible settings to ensure the cleaning solution covers every angle of the tank. Thanks to the connected pump circuit, the cleaning solution can circulate through the tank system until all impurities have been removed. Depending on the type of contamination, a filter can be inserted into the pump circuit, that holds back the detached solid matter. No matter which method KOPSCHINA will choose: All impurities and deposits will be removed from your tank and your tank will be ready for refilling within a very short time.